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Long span Racking in Dubai

A storage system called long span racking in Dubai is made to hold objects that weigh between moderately heavy and extremely heavy. Its racking system is very adaptable and provides the necessary flexibility for conveniently organizing a variety of goods that come in a variety of sizes and forms.

The manual selection and storage of a variety of materials, bins, loose items, cartons, and other items is the purpose of long-span shelving systems. Direct access to the SKUs in both single-faced and back-to-back shelving allows for easy customization of this form of shelving for a number of weight and height configurations.

Long Span Racking in UAE

Our system is modular, meaning that shelves can be easily rearranged and expanded depending on the products to be housed. It was created for warehouses where products are manually placed on and taken from shelves.

A pitch of 50mm can be set for shelf height. By making higher levels mechanically accessible, these shelving systems also make the most of warehouse height. Craftsman’s Long Span Shelving Racks are comparable to our light pallet racking in construction but are made to hold items that aren’t palletized. This makes it possible to move between light-duty and heavy-duty tasks.

Long span Racking Supplier in Dubai

Medium to heavy loads can be stored on long span shelf racks. levels of adjustable load a variety of components that can be adjusted to your needs Simple to configure to satisfy your load capacity, weight, and handling needs

Long span shelving is a flexible warehouse storage option that can help you make the most of your available storage space while enhancing accessibility and organization. The purpose of this kind of shelf system is to store large, heavy things that cannot fit on conventional shelving units.

Mehran trading fze.

Long Span Racking supplier

To make your storage hassle-free, Mehran Trading offer you a long span racking system useful for heavy and small goods that need to be accessed on a regular basis. Long span racking is convenient storage options for warehouses retail stockrooms and more.

Racking and shelving Supplier in UAE

Long Span Racking System Storage

This Long span racking system generally made with steel  which can hold the heavy weight. You can use in commercial as well as domestic use, as they have capacity to be extended to great length. 

warehouse Racking Supplier

mehran trading offer you best solution for warehouse racking supplier long span racking system in uAE

warehouse racking Long span Racks carry heavy-load goods Items and divide the load into long-span shelves.
We can Customized the length according to client need as how much goods he want to put on the shelves.


Cost Effective and reasonable racking system. 
Easily Integrated
It can be customized
You can put heavy and medium load goods easily.
Easy to maintain
Long span shelving is good for manually handle stuff.


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