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Mehran Trading FZE. is the supplier of Rack Support Mezzanine Flooring  storage solutions in the UAE 

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Mehran trading fze.

Rack Support Mezzanine Floors

Mehran Trading Design and Install Rack support Mezzanine Floors in UAE.

Rack-supported mezzanine flooring is a structural mezzanine floor with racks and shelves It is very useful for storage of goods.

Rack Support Mezzanine Supplier in UAE

Rack Support Mezzanine Storage Solution

By the name we can understand what is Rack Support Mezzanine floors , It’s an additional store above the ground level where we can extend the storage capacity of warehouses. 

Rack Support Mezzanine Supplier & Installation

Rack Support Mezzanine Floor

The best way to utilized the existing  space where you can install  mezzanine floor for your storage of goods.
 However  if want to install rack support mezzanine in your warehouse you are most welcome.
We Design and install according to your requirements for more details kindly book free site visit.
Just send us the email  WhatsApp or you can call us directly our team will assist you same time.
Our team has a huge experience in Design and install of High class Rack support Mezzanine for your storage solution.


Advantage of creating extra floor space for storage of goods.
Quick to install and profitable.
Structure and design looks elegant.
Racks support mezzanine floors are good where the warehouses are bigger and taller.



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