slotted angle shelving supplier in uae

Slotted angle shelving supplier  in Dubai Sharjah Ajman and entire emirates.

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Slotted angle shelving in Dubai

With Angles & Shelves Fixed with Nut & Bolt, Slotted Angle Shelving in Dubai is the Most Economical Light-Duty Storage. very simple to put together with only a few hand tools. Each shelf’s height is freely adjustable, making it incredibly flexible. Easily accessible in sizes 900 X 600 X 450 X 300, each of which has a 100 kg capacity per shelf level. May be used in offices, stock rooms, kitchen stores, file and record stores, and spare parts stores.

Our Mehran Trading team is available to answer any questions you may have about Warehouse solutions, Heavy Duty Shelving, Racking, or anything else.

Slotted angle shelving in UAE

Many slotted angle racks are available from Mehran Trading in the UAE in a variety of sizes and materials, including enclosed racks, angle frame racks, and other specialized slotted angle racks.

Slotted angle racks are the best option if you want flexibility and convenience when loading and unloading various objects. They are simple to put together and can be altered to fit the amount of storage or desired configuration.

Slotted angle shelving Supplier in Dubai

We are the top supplier of slotted angle shelving in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and are committed to providing the best products at the lowest possible cost. No matter how big or little your storage space is, we have all the needs for materials handling and storage that you may possibly need.

Slotted shelves perform well in terms of strength and premium durability. Slotted Angle Bar Shelves are durable and outlast all other types of carriers.
The design ensures durability to meet all storage requirements.
It is the most useful storage technique for increasing the amount of space in a warehouse. Slotted angle shelving makes it easy to organize a variety of items. Very affordable and simple to use experience.

Mehran trading fze.

Slotted Angle Shelving Dubai

This is the ideal solution for all your bespoke storage or support requirements. Completely flexible, it lets you make the maximum possible number of bolt connections, no matter what sections you’re using. Best slotted angle shelving supplier in UAE. 

Slotted Angle Shelving Storage solutions

Heavy and Light Duty Shelving Supplier in UAE

It’s Completely flexible and it lets you make the maximum possible number of bolt connections, no matter what sections you’re using.


Heavy and Light Duty Slotted angle

These are quick and easy to assemble  it’s comes in four size and two lengths any structures can be achieved by cutting to size and bolting together.
These can be easily modified whenever required, and even be easily dismantled and re-used.
Slotted angle shelving is best for super markets stores where you can display your products in all 4 corners.
If you have any query just send us the WhatsApp or email us our team will assist you shortly or you can book appointment for your Storage area visit.
Prices are best in the industries for your storage solutions.    


Advantages of Slotted angle shelving

Used in Construction Shelving’s 
It can be used in frames
Slotted Angle shelving are rust free
Creating work benches 
It is good in manually handling the stock
Used in equipment’s stand 

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